Wednesday, 26 February 2014


-I&E Survey Result
-Video on Owning a Business(create a summary on ur topic)
-Internal and External factors on ur business.

I&E: The Voice(by Phone, Ezekiel and Joseph)

Here is our BFP(Business Feasibility Plan)

Group 1

Group 1
Leader: Cornelius Lee 
Group Members: Jiang Yun Jun
                            Ong Dan Rei
                            Anshiqa Agrawal

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I&E Business Feasibility Plan-

Our plan is on a google docs accessed on this link
-Koh Jin Wei
-Wayne Low
-David Khoo
-Tiara Qistina

I&E Group D

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Serena Wen - 4
Adrian Chan - 8
Chin Wen Kit - 12

Friday, 21 February 2014


Sorry for my tardiness. I was caught up by some stuffs.

-I&E survey results
-Business name if you have not created one.
-Mission Statement
-Vision Statement
-Watch the video on the I&E Blog, page 3.

Best regards
-Jin Wei